Before you tie the knot…

Discover Time-Tested Principles & Strategies of a Fulfilling & Happy Marriage

The course Courtship to Marriage is for youngsters who want more than just the fairytale wedding - they want a successful and happy marriage!

I Want to Make My Marriage Thrive!

“Great marriages are built brick by brick, day after day, over a lifetime.”

- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Planning on getting married?

That’s amazing!

Now let me ask you this:

Have you spent any time & effort planning the practical aspects of your marriage?

Because here’s the thing:

Most couples get lost in the glitz and glamour of the wedding day… the ceremony, the outfits, the catering, the honeymoon…


How much of your time and energy goes into planning the actual MARRIAGE?

If not, here’s a reminder:

Your Marriage is More Important than Your Wedding Day!

Read that again!

The 50+ years you will spend with your partner are more important than the 24-hour day spent in front of family and friends.

So, why not focus your time, energy, and money on investing in a lifetime with your spouse?

Now tell me, isn’t this the kind of marriage you want?

  • You want to be that couple that makes people believe that real, true, forever love does exist
  • You want a marriage that's as exciting, playful, and fun in 50 years as it is right now at the beginning
  • You want to feel loved every single day by someone who knows all your flaws and imperfections, yet loves you
  • The kind of marriage that is alive and full of love - intimate and vulnerable, and strongly connected
  • You want a marriage that's a partnership, a friendship, consistent, solid, safe, and secure
  • A marriage that has God right there at the center

I know you do.

But here’s the reality…

There is no marriage without bumps in the road.

Committing fully to another person—regardless of the love you have for them—can be tough.

You might agree to stay by their side for better or worse…But most people can’t really envision what that really means.

I’m sure you know how couples like this…

Couples whose marriages crashed and have taken their whole families down with them.

Or maybe you also know a couple who is still married, but who couldn't be more disconnected and distant from each other… 

They always seem to be complaining and arguing. They seem to have forgotten why they fell in love in the first place.

Or maybe people who are together yet still lonely and stopped trying years ago. Their friendship and their romance are totally gone!

Have you ever wondered why this happens in marriages?

(Spoiler : Marriages take work—a lot!)

You see, these problems are not unfixable.


Only if you understand how your brains work so you can stop sabotaging your relationships before, they even begin!

That’s where a pre-marriage course comes in.

Introducing Courtship to Marriage: Preparing Youngsters for Marriage, Biblically

[16 Lessons - 7 hours of video content]

Would you take an exam without studying beforehand? Or run a marathon without extensive training? 

I don’t think so. 

It is the same with marriage.

If you want a smooth, satisfying, and prosperous married life, preparing for it is critical.

Courtship to Marriage is a 7-hour, self-paced course that will equip you with all the information and the skills you need to develop a solid foundation with your future spouse that is proven to last you for many years to come.

The course courtship to marriage will prepare you for the inevitable trials and tribulations of commitment with your future spouse. 

Oh, did you know pre-marriage counseling is statistically proven to reduce the probability of divorce?

Courtship to Marriage will help you…

  • Discover key traits to look for in your partner
  • Get on the same page about help about the areas of life that cause the most problems for married couples
  • Uncover potential problem areas and talk about uncomfortable topics
  • Improve your communication skills and feel more confident in your relationship
  • Manage your expectations in marriage and enhance your problem-solving skills
  • Walk into marriage more in love than ever

Meet Your Instructor!

I’m sure you have been here:

You thought that person was your “The One”, they were your forever…

But it didn’t work out. 

You got dumped or maybe you dumped them… And now you are wondering where things went wrong…

Your confidence that it will not and cannot fail was shattered…

Your belief that it will withstand the test of time was broken…

You are heartbroken and now you think no one else on earth could possibly fill the gap left by them…

Sounds familiar? 

I have been there too many times.

Going through each heartbreak echoed feelings of unworthiness and uncertainty about finding love…

On top of all that I had severe health issues. 

I had undergone seven surgeries, thousands of injections, and several hospitalizations.

All that made me feel I’ll never be good enough.

However, going through all this I learned so many valuable lessons that helped me prepare for my next relationship.

I could easily spot red flags and I knew what to look for.

A few years later, I met someone.

She saw my shortcomings, my flaws, the not-so-perfect person I was… Yet accepted me wholeheartedly.

5 years ago, I married Neha – the love of my life, and we’ve been together and very much in love ever since then.

Looking back at my journey, I feel I never had the guidance and support to navigate the world of relationships and marriage.

I grew up in a family where we never talked about those things. What to look for in a partner… How to make a marriage work…

All the pain and heartaches I went through could have easily been avoided had I the knowledge and experience that I have today.

I was doing things the world's way whereas I should have been practicing the biblical ways.

This is why I designed the course Courtship to Marriage: Preparing Youngsters for Marriage, Biblically, to prepare youngsters to navigate this world of courtship and marriage successfully and avoid unnecessary heartaches.

So, if you are someone looking to step into a relationship or marriage, I’d like to invite you to prepare yourself with the help of this course and discover your true purpose together in life and be happy together.

Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness,


An Average Wedding costs around $28,000 approximately.


Wouldn’t you invest a fraction of that time and money into your marriage?

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Introductory Price $67


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Normal Price 97$


[Hindi Payment Plan]

Introductory Price $17


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The Best Part? 

You can Watch the First Lesson For Free!

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After signing up for this course if you don’t feel it’s giving you the value, we promised, reach out to us within 30 days, and you’ll get a full refund.

When you buy this course, you'll be doing something bigger.

The money raised by this course will 100% be used for God's work.

You will be providing a homeless person with a hot meal and a warm bed. Or lunch for an orphan.

So when you buy this course, you'll BE MAKING AN IMPACT IN SOMEONE’S LIFE.

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Here’s What’s Inside the Course…

  1.  What is Biblical Courtship
  • Reasons of courtship
  • Question to think about a partner during courtship
  • What expectations to keep and what not to keep
  1.  Two Major Myths about Finding a Partner
  • Is there really something like ‘The One” created just for you?
  • 10 Principles to ponder before finding a partner
  1.  A Believer Marrying an Unbeliever
  • The first and most important question about a potential partner
  • Do a believer and an unbeliever have any basis for spiritual intimacy?
  1.  What Should I Look for in a Wife
  • 25 aspects men should look for in a potential wife
  1.  What Should I Look for in a Husband
  • 25 aspects women should look for in a potential husband 
  1.  How to Prepare for Marriage
  • Find out 6 ways you can prepare for marriage
  1.  The Question of What Age to Start Courtship
  • What 3 things should determine the time to start courtship
  • Does age really matter?
  1.  The Role of Mentors, Pastors, AND Parents in Courtship
  • Can you make a marital decision on your own?
  • Benefits of mentorship for your marriage
  1.  What To Discuss in Courtship
  • Discover which matters to discuss to avoid conflict later on
  1.  What not to do in Courtship
  • Which boundaries you MUST maintain during courtship
  • Signs this courtship is NOT for you
  1.  Right Seeds to Sow in Courtship
  • Discover the law of sowing and reaping
  • What are the right seeds and what do they really include?
  1.  Red Flags in Courtship
  • Warning signals that you must NOT ignore in courtship
  • 12 Red Flags to look out for
  1.  Signs Your Relationship is Having Problems
  • Discover 10 signs of a not-so-good relationship
  1.  Is the Person You are Dating From the Lord
  • 10 ways to know, Is the person you courting from the Lord?
  • Watch this before you marry the wrong person.
  1.  About In-Laws
  • Things you need to see in your in-laws before saying yes 
  1. Girls, before you get married, hear this out.. 
  • Neha shares her story and her personal advice to girls before getting married.
  1. One to One Counseling Session 
  • Evans' One to One counselling sessions is designed to help you deal with this stress and anxiety. You will be able to talk about the issues weighing on your mind and get help working through them. These sessions will help you deal with your feelings and learn how to move forward. To use this option, you will have to log on via desktop or laptop or open it on the phone browser. [Charges extra]

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[English Payment Plan]

Introductory Price $67


One Time Payment

Most popular

Normal Price 97$


[Hindi Payment Plan]

Introductory Price $17


One Time Payment

Popular among Indians

Normal Price 97$


Many Happy Students

“I never thought taking a marriage course will be such a mindset changer for me! Initially, I was skeptical about taking it but now that I have, I’m so glad I did. We get so lost in the glamour of weddings and Evans's teachings are reality-based setting the couple’s expectations straight for marriage” - Akash R.


“Can’t recommend Courtship to Marriage course enough! Marriage is such a big aspect of our lives but sadly nobody prepares us for it. Most people get romanticize the idea of courtship from movies, but this course gives insights and advice that are practical and applicable. I truly feel as if I’m ready for stepping into the next phase of my life.”Susan M.


“My fiancée suggested that we take this course together and I, to be honest, initially I only agreed to take it because of her. But now that we have completed this course, I feel so prepared. I had no idea that we as a couple should talk and work out the stuff that this course tells us to!” - Luke H.


“I come from a family where my parents didn’t really set an ideal example of marriage. So I never knew what an ideal marriage looks like or how you’re supposed to tackle agreements in relationships. This course has been a guide for me. Highly recommend!” - Sharon K.


“As a parent, it’s hard to talk about this stuff to your children especially when they are not keen on listening to your advice. So, I gifted my son and my daughter-in-law this course so they can start their new chapter in life with happiness and love.” - Deborah A.


“We always believe “everything will be all right” after marriage but there are innumerable marital problems in our society. I’m so glad Evans educated us because you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into unless you are prepared and educated for it” - Amit M.

“I wish that we got this education sooner. How to disagree without fighting or blaming, ways to defuse arguments, and how to make your partner feel heard and understood. Absolutely loved this course!” - Sheena D.


“I learned a lot from the course, and I think I'm going to use what I learned in my marriage.” - Ramesh C.


“I really liked how this course took my attention away from wedding planning ( which is one day) and made me think about dealing with the problems discussing and arriving at solutions for their marriage, which if we are lucky will last a lifetime!” - Rohit G.


“I think it's important for everyone to understand what marriage is, how it works and why we need to take responsibility for our relationship. The course was very easy to understand and follow along with, I highly recommend this course!” - Angel D.


“If you’re looking to make your marriage, be happier and stronger, this course is for you! I learned so many things, especially about how to make it work in difficult times that I wonder why no one teaches us this stuff before!” - Prerna B.


“This course was packed with information. I appreciated the variety of different topics that were covered, and I learned a lot.” - Priya S.


“This course really made me think about what it means to be in a relationship and how to be a good partner!” - Shawn D.


“I was amazed at how much I learned in this course. The information was well-organized and easy to understand, and it was presented in an engaging way that kept me interested throughout the entire thing.” - Harry S.


“I had been looking for a course that could provide me with the practical knowledge and guidance I need to get my own romantic life on track. This course did exactly that.” - Carol D.